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HES Counselor's Corner

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Welcome to Hawkins Elementary's School Counseling Corner

My name is Kara Werner and I'm the school counselor here at HES!  I work with students on various types of concerns such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief, peer issues, etc. in order for students to be their best selves while they are here at school.  I also teach within the related arts schedule on various topics throughout the year as well as serving as the school's 504 coordinator.  My goal through my program is for students to become their own problem solvers and danger rangers with the tools I teach them within my classes.  I have a clothing closet and school supplies for students here at the school.  I am honored to be your child's school counselor and please never forget that I am here for parents/guardians as well.  Please never hesitate to reach out to me by phone at 423-272-2632 or by email at



We believe:

· All students have dignity and worth.


· All students have the ability to achieve.


· All students have the right to be members of a school community that is respectful, affirming, and safe.


· All students will participate in and have equitable access to a developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling program.


· The school counselor is an advocate for and on behalf of all students.


· The school counselor takes on the role of leader, advocate, educator, and collaborator in impacting holistic student development, including personal, social, and academic.


· The school counselor uses data to design, implement, evaluate and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program.


· The school counselor collaborates with families, stakeholders and community resources to meet student needs and assist student development.


· The school counselor abides by ASCA’s Ethical Standards for School Counselors.


· The school counselor participates in ongoing, high quality, and relevant professional development to best serve all students and stakeholders.




Vision Statement

The vision of the Hawkins County Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Program is that all students will graduate empowered with the knowledge and personal strengths and talents necessary to achieve academic, personal/social and career success. They will be inspired to reach their fullest potential as respectful and responsible citizens, friends and leaders.




Mission Statement

The mission of the Hawkins County Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Program is to provide all students equitable access to a data driven and personally meaningful program that supports student proficiency and success. The program is delivered by professional school counselors who advocate for a supportive learning environment through collaborating with and inspiring all students and stakeholders.