Classroom Supply Lists

3rd Grade

5 packs of wide-ruled paper

# 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

pencil top erasers

4-6 glue sticks


2 one inch 3 ring binders (1 for homework folder and 1 for classroom notes)

2 black and white composition books


24 count box of crayons

index cards

Teacher Wish List:

Sandwich bags, Disinfecting wipes, Paper towels, Expo dry erase markers, Cardstock paper (colored), Tape (scotch/duct), and Red/black pens


4th Grade

2 pocket folders

2 packs wide-ruled notebook paper

pencils (wooden or mechanical)

crayons or colored pencils (no markers please)


4 glue sticks or 1 bottle of glue

4 single subject spiral notebooks with 70+ pages

scotch tape

2 inch three ring binder

Teacher Wish list:

Box of tissues, Ziplock bags (any size), Index cards, Cardstock paper (colored or white), Post it notes, Expo markers, Highlighters, Tape (scotch or Duct), Paper towels, Clorox wipes, Hand sanitizer, and Hand soap

5th Grade

2 packs of pencils

1 pack of washable markers

1 small pack of crayons

1 small pack of dry erase markers

4 pocket folders with prongs (1 for each subject)

1 (4 pack or more) of glue sticks (no liquid please)

1 pack of construction paper

1 composition notebook

1 pair of scissors

wide-ruled notebook paper

Teacher Wish List:

Clorox wipes, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer (no soap please), Post-it notes, Extra glue sticks, Extra scissors, Paper towels, Extra dry erase markers, and Cardstock paper (colored or white)