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Hawkins Elementary School

     Hawkins Elementary was opened in 1968. The school served grades 1-8 and the first principal was Mr. Bill Snodgrass. Mr. Snodgrass served as the school’s principal until 1980 when he was elected Superintendent of the Hawkins County School System. Mr. Snodgrass was replaced by Douglas (Mac) Smith who had been a teacher at the school since 1975.

     The grade level format of the school has changed numerous times through the years. Kindergarten was added during the 1970’s and the 8th grade was moved to the high school also in the 1970’s. When Cherokee High School opened in 1980, Hawkins Elementary became a K-4 school which it remained for the next twenty years.

     Increases in enrollment and state mandated class size reductions made the original building too small. Numerous mobile units were brought in to handle the increasing number of students. At one time, there were as many mobile classrooms outside of the original building as there were inside and the student population exceeded 700! Due to the large increase in the student population, an assistant principal’s position was added to the school in the early 1990’s. This position was filled by Ms. Mildred Welch who had served as a teacher at the school since 1970.

     It was obvious that Hawkins Elementary had become overcrowded so a new primary school, Joseph Rogers, was built a few miles away. The new school took in grades K-2 and Hawkins Elementary was left with grades 3 and 4. The 5th grade, previously housed at Rogersville Middle School came back to Hawkins Elementary and the school assumed its current grades 3-5 configuration.

     Mildred Welch assumed the principal’s position at Hawkins Elementary the year the change in configuration took place. With a smaller number of students, the assistant principal’s position was eliminated. In 2001, an addition was completed at Hawkins Elementary that allowed for the removal of all of the mobile classrooms behind the school. Ms. Welch retired in 2004 and was replaced by Mr. Barry Bellamy, the current principal. Mr. Bellamy had previously served as the principal at Surgoinsville Elementary. The student population at Hawkins Elementary has been fairly stable over the past ten years – averaging around 370 students.

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